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Whether you’re wrapped up in the early, exciting stages of a well-funded (or not) startup, or celebrating the benevolent 40-year anniversary of a legacy company, you know that the people at the top – the directors and board members – make or break your business.

That’s why these leaders must be more than just decision makers, but a brain trust that satisfies shareholders, crafts a vision for your company, and navigates increasingly complicated state, federal and financial laws.

This is where we step in.

With extensive experience running companies and practicing business law, we at Vaksman Khalfin offer a Board Advisor and Director service to help you manage the ever-shifting legal landscape of running a company.

As a Board Advisor, a Vaksman Khalfin attorney can deliver strategic, non-binding advice in a somewhat informal capacity. This may include:

  • Offering counsel on industry and market trends
  • Delivering unbiased ideas from an outsider’s point of view
  • Helping you uncover and explore new avenues for your business
  • Tracking and improving business performance
  • Serving as a sounding board and resource for your executives

A Board Director is a much more formal position, and requires fiduciary and other critical responsibilities. In this capacity, our attorneys can:

  • Establish strategic and policy objectives
  • Review your Executive’s (CEO, COO, etc.) performance
  • Remove underperforming Executives — and appoint new ones
  • Manage financial resources
  • Approve budgets (annually and otherwise)
  • Determine compensation packages of senior managers

With an experienced Board Advisor and Director from outside your company, you’ll gain valuable perspective from someone who not just sees the Big Picture, but delivers an invaluable alternative point of view.

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