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California Business Law

Business Law Firm Practice Areas

California Startup Counseling

Startup Counseling

Our attorneys are well versed in the needs of new and existing businesses and can advise you at any stage in the planning, launch, operation or relocation of your enterprise. Leveraging years of experience, our firm assists clients with fundamental and complex business formation issues.

Advice & councel

Advice & Counsel

Our firm will actively participate in contract negotiations to help obtain the best deal possible, while simultaneously (to the greatest extent possible, given the situation) protecting the business from any business, legal, regulatory or other risk.

California Outside General Counsel

Outside General Counsel

If you run a business and don’t use an attorney enough to justify keeping them on your in-house payroll, try our Outside General Counsel. This Vaksman Khalfin service is a reasonably priced, completely custom legal option

California Business Litigation

Business Litigation

We take the time to understand your business, so you can depend on our attorneys to represent you well. Our experience in both transactional and adversarial matters provides your business with excellent perspective on your challenges and opportunities in handling a business litigation case.

Сalifornia Board Advisor & Director

Board Advisor & Director

With extensive experience running companies and practicing business law, we at Vaksman Khalfin offer a Board Advisor and Director service to help you manage the ever-shifting legal landscape of running a company.


Company Governance

At Vaksman Khalfin, we understand that without solid Corporate or Company Governance, your chance of failure is high. We also know that to attack that long list of Company Governance responsibilities, you need a well-rounded approach and top-tier, experienced team.

California Dispute Resolution

Business Mediation

We prioritize our clients’ needs and strive to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively, always seeking the best possible solutions whilst preserving business relationships and reputations.

California Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our team of attorneys has worked with many companies undergoing Mergers and Acquisitions. So, we know, first-hand, that even the most seasoned executives need an experienced legal team in their corner.

california business forms

Business Forms

At Vaksman Khalfin, our seasoned legal team can reduce your time spent drafting Business Forms, freeing you up to manage and grow one of your most important assets: Your company.

California Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Successfully executing Joint Ventures can be fairly complex. From commercial, tax, employment and other issues, Vaksman Khalfin can seamlessly manage the legal side of your Joint Venture.

California Dental Attorney

Dental Attorney

Our founding partner is married to a dentist with multiple practices and, as a result, is intricately familiar with the dental industry over the last 15+ years. At the Vaksman Khalfin, PC we will be your trusted advisor going forward.

California Family Limited Partnerships

Family Limited Partnerships

Vaksman Khalfin, PC, in consultation with your other professional advisors, can help you decide whether this solution is appropriate for you and how it can become a part of your overall estate planning and asset protection strategy.

California Succession & Exit Planning

Succession & Exit Planning

Business succession planning helps owners set, sort through, and achieve their exit objectives. It enables owners to leave their companies when they want, to the successors they want, and with the amount of cash they need, while minimizing the risk of loss and taxes.

California Marijuana Law

Marijuana Law

The Marijuana law attorneys at Vaksman Khalfin have significant experience within the industry, including simple dispensary and delivery startups, up to complex international funding transactions involving public entities.

california intellectual property

Intellectual Property

Expert legal advice and representation for individuals and businesses in matters concerning patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, safeguarding their intellectual property rights and interests.

What Our Clients Say

"I was buying a company and the transaction was complex with lots of moving parts. Things got heated at times, and there were even threats of litigation. Robert kept me calm and informed at all times. He was ultimately aggressive and negotiated everything with surgical precision. Thank you to the whole team!!"

John R., West Harrison, NY

John R., West Harrison, NY

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