When a commercial truck collides with an automobile — or hits a person — it’s often a dramatic, devastating event that causes lifelong injuries or tragic deaths. The lives of so many people are upended, including the victim’s families, who often fear reliving the Truck Accident, again and again, during litigation.

But did you know that one of the hardest parts of fighting on behalf of a Truck Accident victim is figuring out who is responsible? And that it’s often more than one person or entity? Here’s a list of the people or organizations often found blameworthy in Truck Accidents:

  1. The truck driver
    Whether they were too tired to drive or simply speeding, sometimes it’s crystal clear that the driver is the person at fault.
  2. Other drivers
    Sometimes an automobile driver making an unsafe lane change can cause a truck to jackknife or hit other cars. In this scenario, the irresponsible car driver can be found culpable for the Truck Accident.
  3. Whoever employs the truck driver
    When truck driving companies demand that their drivers work on less sleep or drive too many hours without a break, the employer may be considered responsible.
  4. Road maintenance agencies (at the state or local level)
    From deep potholes to dangerous roads, sometimes an accident is not the fault of the driver, but rather the government organization that failed to maintained the freeway or street where the accident happened.
  5. Maintenance or repair companies
    If the Truck Accident happened because of faulty maintenance, bald tires for example, a court may find the repair company liable for the crash.
  6. The cargo loader or shipper
    In some scenarios, the cargo shipper or loader is found responsible. If a load is improperly secured or shifts during transport, that might be seen as the cause of the accident.

Because most parties in Truck Accidents don’t want the financial responsibility of paying settlements to victims and their relatives, which is often the case with Automobile Accident lawsuits, attorneys must unravel the mystery of who or what organization should be held responsible. The experienced attorneys at Vaksman Khalfin, PC can conduct a thorough investigation, and work with the victim or victim’s families for the best settlement.


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"You will not be disappointed"
John M.R. - Harrison, NY