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Why You Need Living Trust [VIDEO]

Hi. I’m attorney Robert Vaksman. 15 years ago, I graduated law school. After that, I received specialized legal training in taxation. Since that time, our firm has helped thousands of folks just like yourself in preparing a living trust estate plan. At this time in the process, you’re probably wondering why you need a living trust estate plan. Let me try to give you two good reasons why you should consider doing so. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you have $500 in the bank or $500 million in the bank, a living trust estate plan is the basic foundational set of documents that anyone needs. Reason number one is to avoid probate.

Probate is a court process that if you only have a will, you don’t have a living trust in place, if you only have a will, your heirs, your family, will necessarily have to go through probate court. It’s a court process that will take a lot of unnecessary time and cost a lot of unnecessary money and which may not necessarily result in exactly what you wanted because again, it’s court, strange things happen in court and a judge has to sign off on it. That was reason number one. Reason number two is so that you can plan for your incapacity. With a simple will, you cannot plan for your incapacity. A will only has legal significance after you pass away.

Whereas a living trust, in that document you will name a successor trustee and that successor trustee will manage your assets even if you’re still alive but unable to manage your assets but you still want to benefit from your assets. That successor trustee will help you handle all of that. Don’t forget planning for your medical incapacity. Who can make medical decisions for you when you’re unable to. We help you with that as well in the context of preparing a complete estate plan, not just a living trust. You’re probably wondering, though, why choose our firm? Again, one of the reasons is our experience, we’ve helped thousands of folks. Another reason is the value.

At the price point at which we’re offering this planning, the level of planning that we’re able to provide to you, I can assure you our level of service and our pricing is unmatched and unparalleled. In fact, our own firm used to charge four times as much as what we do today but because of our workflows, because of our automations and processes, we are able to pass on tremendous savings to you. Still have questions? Please feel free to call us at any time. Regardless of whether you are engaged or not, we are happy to answer your questions before, during and after the representation without any additional cost or share your information in the form and we’d be happy to give you a callback and chat with you.

Until then, have a great day.

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