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Personal Membership Plan – What’s Included?

Throughout our many years experience working with clients on various family and business legal matters, we have come to realize that we needed a way to provide certain on-going services, at a reasonable cost.

Thus, in an effort to continue providing our clients with exceptional service our firm now offers a Personal Membership Plan for services such as Estate Plan changes. The plan provides a low-cost way to receive ongoing and unlimited Estate Plan changes, Attorney Advice (limited to 30 minutes per matter, other than your estate plan), a Digital Locker, and 15% discount on future services. The first-year cost is $450.00, however, this fee is ZERO for most clients, since we include the first year of the Membership Plan for all new Estate Planning clients. Thereafter, the recurring annual fee is $119.40, which breaks down to just $9.95/month. Of course, folks can cancel at any time.

Per the terms of our engagement agreements, unless our clients contact us to cancel the plan, we will automatically renew the subscription for another year, charging the credit card we have on file. Again, the recurring annual plan rate is $119.40, but if you decide not to auto renew and re-enroll later, there would be a re-activation fee of $450.00, since the reduced annual rate only applies to successive year memberships.

Here is a break-down of what the Personal Membership Plan includes:

– Free Plan Amendments
– Free Trust Transfer Deed
– Attorney Advice
– Digital Locker (Legal Safety Deposit Box)
– Retention of your Executed Plan for your heirs and fiduciaries
– 15% off ANY Future Services

In our opinion, any one of the above is worth the plan fee, but the real reason to stay a member is…peace of mind. The Membership Plan is something we are proud to offer, as it represents our life-long commitment to our clients. Your life changes and, as a result, so do your financial and personal goals. We want to be there for you – and your family – as your trusted family lawyers.

If you have any questions about the Membership Plan, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact our office directly.

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