Client Reviews

Rue R.

I found Alan and Vaksman Law Offices on Yelp, and could hardly believe all their 5 star reviews. After a year+ of working with them on my Estate Planning (the delays were all mine), I can vouch that Alan and his team are fantastic to work with. They're efficient and on top of their game. Alan is very knowledgable and always willing to answer questions, explore options and explain legal concepts to me. It took me a long time to get my act together and create a solid plan for my family, but I am so glad I did. And I am really pleased to have chosen Alan and his team: they made the process so easy. BTW: no one asked me to review Vaksman on Yelp. I'm just glad to add another positive review to those that helped me connect with Alan and Vaksman in the first place.

– Rue R. Burlingame, CA

Paul K.

We had a very good experience getting our living trust, will, healthcare directives, etc. etc. done in the fixed fee package. The process was very streamlined, end to end. Also I had a few questions for Alan that he answered by phone. The appeal of a high quality, fixed fee set of estate planning docs is very high. Vaksman delivered. I'm not a lawyer, but in skimming through the agreements they appear to be extremely thorough. And when you think about it, how different are trusts for most people? Maybe 10% unique, tops? I don't pay the premium for my clothes to be custom made from scratch on retainer; I don't see a trust as being different. I know, the old school lawyers hate the fixed fee model and will claim it isn't any good, your documents will be junk. etc. Well, welcome to the new world of business models for the legal profession. I'd add too that my hunch is that for Vaksman's business model to work, their agreements have to be even MORE bullet-proof than "bespoke" ones. I'd challenge any lawyer who says otherwise to show me the deficiencies in Vaksman's documents, or process. One tip is that you need to pick your trust notary/signing date to be at least 4 weeks out from when you submit your info to them. So if you need it for an upcoming real estate deal, then be proactive. Although even if you're late, you can always just deed the property to your trust later, and that's not a huge deal. Also know that you have to get the documents notarized on a specific day, and not a day later or earlier, so plan ahead. Another tip is that some banks will notarize your documents for free if you have an account with them. First Republic Bank was fantastic for us in that regard.

– Paul K. San Mateo, CA

Tonya E.

Working with Vaksman Law Offices was a pleasure. Alan Khalfin handle my estate, he was very professional and knowledgeable. He carefully explained exactly what I was getting and what would work best for me. During the drafting process I was able to call as often as I needed, talking to him directly, to ask questions. Definitely appreciated. Great guy and very easy to work with. I'd use him again without hesitation! I highly recommend Vaksman Law Offices.

– Tonya E. San Leandro, CA

Murry S.

This firm deserves the great reviews. Vaksman handled my trust package as advertised and delivered it as promised. Could not have been smoother. And the price was very attractive compared with quotes we received from several other trust lawyers. Going forward, the law firm might want to consider leaving the signing dates open, to be entered by the notary at the signing. In the event our notary had failed to show up on the assigned day, we would have needed re-drawn and freshly printed documents at added expense. We spoke with Alan during the initial setup and he was exceptionally clear and helpful. A superb experience with no confusing legal-speak. We highly recommend Vaksman Law.

– Murry S. Roseville, CA

Jason B.

From Monica to Alan D. Khalfin, the attorney who very timely helped me with answering several questions, the process for getting personal legal matters handled went far easier than expected. I would definitely return whenever I need legal help in the future.

– Jason B. Campbell, CA

David G.

After dealing with the estate planner my father used for his living trust and it costing more than $5000.00 I was concerned, my wife and I needed to set up a trust but did not want to spend this much money. After finding Vaksman Law Offices online and checking them out, I had them do our trust which included 2 properties (same scenario as my father) for a total cost of $895.00 and it is every bit as good as the one my father had done. The only difference I could see was that our trust came to use via email and I printed it and put it in a binder, my fathers came printed and in a binder, this difference is not worth over $4000.00. We are extremely happy with the work Vaksman Law Offices did on our trust, I have already recommended them to 2 different people I know and will continue to recommend them to others.

– David G. Los Angeles, CA

Dilip B.

Alan is excellent and professional and helped us with living trust. I have referred many friends for living trust setup and all of them are very happy. He always responded to my email or phone call with in 1 business days. Excellent service

– Dilip B. Fremont, CA

lauren s.

Vaksman Law Offices provided thoughtful and thorough estate planning services with prompt turn-around at a great price point. Alan and Robert are perhaps the friendliest, most efficiently communicative attorneys I have ever encountered. Alan was wonderfully patient with my rookie questions as well. I feel so at ease now having deliberated over the tough questions with such a professional yet unintimidating team. I would utilize their services again in the future and highly recommend them.

– lauren s. Mountain View, CA

Janette H.

Vaksman Law Offices made creating my living trust so easy. Alan Khalfin answered every question I had promptly and was helpful in every possible way. I would highly recommend using Vaksman Law Offices to anyone who has been putting this off. I thought creating one would be much harder, but they helped make it so much easier.

– Janette H. Redwood City, CA

Erik W.

I'm completely satisfied with my experience in regards to the Living Trust and Will that Alan and his team prepared for me. I put off setting up a Living Trust for at least a year because I thought it would be a time-consuming and painful endeavor. I was completely wrong. I spoke with Monica on the phone and she was really helpful in explaining how the fee schedule and what I should expect. Alan was a pleasure to deal with. He established my Living Trust without a hitch, quickly responded to my e-mails, and had all the paperwork organized. All I had to do was follow his instructions on signing the forms, print out the documents, and start funding my trust. I liked how he explained things in layman's terms and was patient in his exchanges with me as this was my first time. I should also mention that his charge for establishing a Living Trust is upfront and fair. I would definitely contact him again for assistance with my Living Trust or other legal services. I enthusiastically recommend him to family and friends! Thank You Alan and Monica!

– Erik W. San Francisco, CA

Robin S.

Remarkable, detailed trust and exceptional service for a tiny fraction of the cost others have quoted. Our bank told us it was the most through trust they have seen in years! Knowledgable, friendly and responsive are the three top words I would apply

– Robin S. Sebastopol, CA


I would like to thank Vaksman Law for once again assisting and guiding me with my family's living trust. I originally created it in 2006 in NY with Robert Vaksman's assistance. Robert was very knowledgeable and comfortably steered me into the proper setup. Well times have changed over the years and i just recently concluded the complete overhaul of my trust to now include a new child and also a few businesses. Having the ability to answer and submit the majority of my information online was no different than being face to face in the office last time...only easier. What could not be done online was covered verbally and i was usually contacted within a few hours of each email to answer my questions and keep things moving. All of my concerns have been competently addressed and are now covered in the layers of entities we had to create for the updated trust. Robert congratulations on your ever expanding practice and thank you kindly once again for your assistance. Will be in touch.

– JR Westchester, NY

M P.

I had a great experience with Vaksman Law Offices getting my will and estate planning done. They were very professional, knowledgeable and well priced, especially given the level of service they provided. I appreciated their thoroughness when reviewing the details of my circumstances. I will be using their offices for other legal matters as well. I have already dealt with a few of their attorneys and they really know what they are doing. Great service all around.

– M P. San Francisco, CA

R S.

Vaksman Law was beyond helpful in all regards. They answered my questions quickly and thoroughly and the entire process was easy, seamless and stress free. The level of knowledge Alan brought to the table was impressive and helped me strategically think through the problem at hand. Dealing with attorneys can typically be a frustrating situation, but Alan humanized the process and made me feel good about my final decisions while speaking to me in terms I can understand. Overall the process was enjoyable. Vaksman Law is a one-stop shop and I could not recommend their services more!!

– R S. New York, NY

Richard M.

Great experience in all regards working with Vaksman. Was looking to establish a will, living trust, and associated docs. The service I received was exceptional - knowledgeable, prompt, professional - and at a reasonable price. Alan was extremely easy to work with throughout, from the initial phone call to fielding wrap-up questions after all the docs were in place. Would have done this years ago if I'd known how painless it would be. I will definitely be back for future legal services. Highly recommended.

– Richard M. San Mateo, CA

Danielle Lakata B.

Wow, I rolled the dice finding this contact through Google search, but boy did I get a good roll! I was contacted quickly and professionally and talked to Alan who helped answer all my questions about getting our living trust taken care was such a relief to see how easy he made it, and worth every penny! I highly recommend Alan and this company because they are update to date in every way! Thanks again Alan!

– Danielle Lakata B. Danielle Lakata B.

Nour F.

I have had some great experiences with many attorneys I dealt with In my life but nothing like this experience with the Vaksman firm , it's The ultimate high quality in terms of patience , quality of service , Communication and knowledge . Staff are amazing especially the legal assistant Russell who has shown true dedication in customer satisfaction . Mr Vacksman Returned calls when needed the most . The firm helped me set up A revocable living trust for my family with answers to every Concern I had . Done carefully , patiently and reasonably . Being in sales myself for the last 18 years I can assure anyone who Is going to deal with the firm that they do service their Clients first and it's obvious from the very 1st Phone call . This was important for me to write this Review without being asked to as a way To say thank you to everyone at the firm .

– Nour F. Las Vegas, NV

Shari Y.

I have not had pleasant experiences with attorney's until I worked with Vaksman Law. Alan spent well over an hour on the phone with me discussing all my various options regarding a buy/sell agreement and a living trust. And this was before I had even hired him! He was extremely thorough, easy to work with and the charges were very reasonable. I highly recommend this firm and will definately use them again should I require more legal services.

– Shari Y. Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Alla K.

I was looking to set up a living trust on a modest budget. Vaksman Law Offices offers a very competitive package and a very smooth customer experience. They provide the full info on what to expect and answer questions very quickly. The assigned attorney, Alan Khalfin, actually answered my emails sometimes within minutes and followed with phone calls on request, patiently explaining the legalese. I had my living trust ready within a very short time. The way they run it is truly impressive. A lot of times, just thinking of consulting a lawyer is intimidating, but this experience was the opposite. I hope more people get the benefit of this rare kind of legal service.

– Alla K. Belmont, CA


After procrastinating for a while, we finally pulled the trigger on our living trust. Vaksman Law is well worth all the 5 star reviews. Price is fair, all questions answered easily via email and phone. Even the notary said "wow, your attorney did a great job!" Recommending Vaksman Law Offices to friends and family for sure.

– EM H. San Mateo, CA

Bill M.

Great attorneys. I spent quite a bit of time picking their brain on the phone, and one of the attorneys ( Alan ) was extremely patient and answered all my questions. Highly recommended.

– Bill M. San Mateo, CA

Michael S.

Awesome guys! They walked us thru everything we needed to know in order to get our trust established and have helped with questions since. Highly recommend.

– Michael S. Parrish, FL

Sally C.

Alan Khalfin is as good as it gets! Highly professional and extremely detail oriented Alan produced our Living Trust with expertise and polish. He spent a couple of hours with me on the phone going into detail and explaining in plain English all the necessary information I needed. I fully recommend this law firm for all your Estate Planning. They are absolutely wonderful! Sally C.

– Sally C. LA JOLLA, CA

D M.

After a couple of years of trying to do our Living Trust on our own via various tools, I gave up. I searched and searched for a reasonably priced attorney. We have a simple estate; it shouldn't cost thousands to do a Living Trust. We were so blessed to find Vaksman and Alan Khalfin. The Yelp comments help in making our selection (thank you, Yelp!) Vaksman does the work for a very good fixed price and they do not charge extra for questions. The system they use is very slick. You send them info; they prepare and email your documents. You have to print them yourself, but even if you have to buy a good printer, it's still less than having an attorney do it! They do a great job with automation (except for the part about the husband having to be the first name listed! If you want that different, speak up at the start.) The instructions and documents were so good and so thorough that our notary as well as some of the bank staff (as we have gone through the process of funding the trust) have commented about how good the documents are... we've referred Vaksman & Alan a number of times now! Highly recommend!

– D M. Redlands, CA

Tony R.

I recently had the pleasure to have Vaksman Law Offices help me to create a Living Trust. I worked with Alan Khalfin and the whole experience was fast and easy and in the end was very professional and I was delighted with their services. The price was very reasonable and the whole process was done online and the forms were easily completed and returned and very painless. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.

– Tony R. Antioch, CA

Parisa K.

I just did my Living Trust and it was the easiest thing I have ever done thanks to Alan at Vaksman Law Office. I had been avoiding it for a long time as I thought it would be a lot of work and would cost a lot but I contacted Vaksman Law Offices and spoke to Alan and he explained everything in detail, very knowledgeable and professional, answered all my questions and everything was done in a matter of weeks. Also the price is very affordable , prior to them all the other quotes that I had received were at least twice as much. Great job for a great price.

– Parisa K. Sherman Oaks, CA

Jerry D.

This firm provides the most efficient and economical online services for estate planning. All questions were answered expeditiously and professionally by Alan, an attorney dedicated to our account. We were extremely happy and satisfied and highly recommend the firm.

– Jerry D. Cupertino, CA

Wine M.

Worked with Alan Khalfin on a Living Trust and the experience was excellent! Not only was it reasonable, but whenever I had any questions, Alan responded quickly with details. He even answered an email on a Sunday. I highly recommend Vaksman!

– Wine M. San Mateo, CA

Jean L.

Thank you so much for the thorough legal advice, the attorneys at Vaksman were incredibly helpful and they took the time to go over the details of a contract with me. It's definitely reassuring to know I got sound legal advice. Highly recommended!

– Jean L. San Francisco, CA

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