Startup Counseling

Our attorneys are well versed in the needs of new and existing businesses and can advise you at any stage in the planning, launch, operation or relocation of your enterprise. Leveraging years of experience, our firm assists clients with fundamental and complex business formation issues like:

  • Choosing to operate as a closely held business, limited liability company (LLC), partnership or corporation to maximize asset protection and tax advantages
  • Understanding the liability involved with being a director or officer of the company
  • Establishing shareholders’ rights and business succession plans
  • Partnership, inter-owner and other formation related agreements
  • Handling the full range of transactions and any litigation associated with setting up your business
  • Tax planning
  • Setting and managing plans for franchising

When you work with Vaksman Khalfin, PC on your business formation, you also gain an invaluable legal resource once you are up and running. We have the experience to counsel and represent you in:

  • Business transactions — including large asset purchases, acquisitions of other businesses, mergers, franchising agreements and dissolutions
  • Negotiations and other business law matters — extending to organizational planning and other challenging areas
  • Corporate Governance — including resolutions, minutes and annual filings. Failure to maintain corporate records or file reports in a timely manner can cost business owners the asset protection they have so wisely put in place.
  • Planning & Finance — including business plan preparation, structuring of capital investments, mergers, acquisitions, commercial and venture capital debt and equity financing, as well as bank and institutional financing

Take Advantage of Business Formation in Nevada

We welcome clients from out of state who want to establish organizations in Nevada, through the Nevada branch of Vaksman Khalfin, PC. Our attorneys are an excellent resource when you wish to take advantage of favorable conditions including:

  • No corporate or personal state income tax
  • No franchise tax or taxes on corporate shares
  • Minimal reporting and disclosure requirements
  • No state residency requirement for stockholders, directors or officers
  • Favorable, flexible stock issuance, purchase and transfer regulations


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"You will not be disappointed" John M.R. - Harrison, NY
"You will not be disappointed"
John M.R. - Harrison, NY