Marijuana Law

No other field of law today is more intriguing, evolving and opaque as much as Marijuana law. The Marijuana law attorneys at Vaksman Khalfin have significant experience within the industry, including simple dispensary and delivery startups, up to complex international funding transactions involving public entities.

Whether you’re a dispensary; laboratory; transporter; grower; distributor; co-op; club or collective; we can help. As more states give their blessing to medical and/or recreational Marijuana for the masses, the business opportunities for Cannabis have exploded. States are taking in billions of dollars in tax revenue, and reaping the benefits of the Cannabis economy.

On the flip side, no thanks to the federal government’s stance, Marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, which means it’s critical that you have a knowledgable Marijuana Law attorney if you’re starting or running a cannabis enterprise. We can help you answer these questions:

• What type of Medical or Recreational Marijuana business should you start?
• How will you manage your accounting and taxes?
• What about banking? Where will you store your profits (and are you able to “profit”)?
• How do you protect your business if the federal government enforces the law?
• What type of security do you need for your dispensary, or other Cannabis related business?
• Should you own a Cannabis business, or perhaps just invest in one?
• How should your business be structured?
• Where can I find an investor for my Cannabis related business?

Our Marijuana Law attorneys and staff can give you the legal guidance you need.

The Marijuana industry is booming, but there’s still a significant regulatory risk of interference by the federal government and other agencies, as well as general business execution risk. Having worked with numerous Marijuana businesses over many years, Vaksman Khalfin knows this business inside and out, and can help you build it, protect your assets, and even defend you in case of adverse civil or criminal actions.


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"You will not be disappointed" John M.R. - Harrison, NY
"You will not be disappointed"
John M.R. - Harrison, NY