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Employee vs Independent Contractor

Hi, my name is attorney Robert Vaksman, and today I’m going to discuss employees versus independent contractors. As business attorneys,...
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Trustees vs. Financial Agents

Hi. I’m Atty. Robert Vaksman with Vaksman Khalfin. Today, we’re going to talk about the difference between trustees and financial...
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What is an Estate Plan? [VIDEO]

Hi, I’m Alan Khalfin, managing partner at Vaksman Khalfin. Today, I wanted to explain what is an estate plan. An...
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Why Choose LLCs

Hi, my name is Attorney Robert Vaksman, and today we’ll talk about why choose LLCs. We are business attorneys among...
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Why You Need Living Trust [VIDEO]

Hi. I’m attorney Robert Vaksman. 15 years ago, I graduated law school. After that, I received specialized legal training in...
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Will vs. Trusts [VIDEO]

 Hi, my name is attorney Robert Vaksman with Vaksman Khalfin PC. Today I’m here to talk to you about...
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